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About Me

My name is PETER WHITE - since 1993, I have worked as an Artist, Game Developer, Creative Director, Manager, and in R&D, in the fields of Digital and Print Media, Video Games3D-Printing and Engineering

After Illustrating books and graphic novels for many years,
I attended Academy Of Art University for VFX and Animation.
I started shifting over to Video Game Art and Animation, and then Game Development

I went on to release my first game -  AstroShift - on Steam.
I had a lot fun creating all of it, from sprites to programming to music.

I was then hired to create a
3D Filament company from the ground up, and with a small team of several others, established

I'm currently looking to join a studio full-time, so please feel free to message me through the contact page.
Thanks for taking an interest in my stuff.
- Peter

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